Local Knowledge and
Pros Picks


Would you like some local knowledge to help you as you play Maui's courses? What about an answer to that ever nagging question "Where would you play?" Well, here are some local tips to help you out and our Top 5 Pros Picks.

First and foremost, if you are going to play golf, no matter the time of day, WEAR SUNSCREEN. The Hawaiian Islands have a geographical location that lie just below the Tropic of Cancer. In simple terms, the sun...it is blistering!

Stay hydrated. Even though the average temperature here is around 80* all year, one can become dehydrated very, very quickly. At a minimum, a golfer should have 1 bottle of water every 6 holes. Most courses on the island are very good at having bottled water on the carts and large water coolers on the courses. Take advantage of them and try to stay away from the alcohol.

We have a lot of people book tee times for early morning in the belief that the tradewinds won't be as strong. If the wind is going to blow, you are going to feel it no matter the time of day. As a general rule though, Makena and Wailea are a little more protected from the wind. Maui winds can have up to a 4 club difference in yardage. Don't be intimidated by the wind! Play it and have fun. Besides, it can be quite hilarious to watch a golf ball get slapped around by the wind.

The putting surfaces here vary quite a bit from course to course. One course, like Kapalua Plantation,might have a lot of grain to it and make putting the ball into the "Puka" really difficult. While The Dunes at Maui Lani has less grain but is just as tough putting surface due to the undulation. Just remember that the grain goes towards the ocean,and your ball will go towards the ocean...it will even break uphill!!!




Top 5 Must Play Courses
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1) The Dunes at Maui Lani
The Dunes at Maui Lani

Located in Maui's central valley, The Dunes at Maui Lani is a links style course. Designed by R. Nelson, it opened in 1999 making it the newest course on Maui. GOLFWEEK ranked The Dunes as the No. 2 course on Maui and TOP 10 in Hawaii. GOLF DIGEST called it "One of the (five) best kept secret golf courses in America."

2)Wailea Blue
Wailea Blue

With its generous fairways and large, fast greens, this course caters to every type of golfer. The Old Blue is the first course built in south Maui and has 74 bunkers and 4 ponds. Its layout weaves in between private estates and lush tropical forests. GOLF DIGEST ranked Wailea Blue in the TOP 25 of America's Best Resort Courses.

3)Pukalani Country Club
Pukalani Country Club

A 1200 ft. elevation, spectacular views, Norfolk Pines and Kikuyu grasses make this course a true diamond in the rough. Located on the slopes of Haleakala, Pukalani claims the title of "Most Bang For Your Buck." It has a straight-forward design which appeals to all levels of golfing ability.

4)Makena North (Closed)
Makena North

5)Elleair Maui Golf Club
Elleair Maui Golf Club

Elleair has recently been revamped and has a whole new attitude. Built in 1986, this is a favorite among the south Maui locals and the budget minded visitor. Elleair weaves its way among desert-like surroundings and lush forests. The course conditions are outstanding and hole number 18 will make your golf round perfect.