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There's more to do on Maui than just golf. If you are planning your first trip to Maui, you're sure to have many questions on what to do and see during your stay. What are the "must see's" and "must do's" for even a short stay. Maui offers lots of exciting adventures, beautiful cream sand beaches, tropical rain forests and of course, 18 sunny golf courses to play. We have the best luaus, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, helicopter tours, biking down the volcano, surfing, horseback riding and great shows. But, what are the sights and activities that are unique to Maui and shouldn't be missed. Here are our picks for the most exciting, the most popular and most memorable things you can do during your Maui stay.

An isle of diversity. This tiny island offers a wide diversity of styles, climates and attitudes. Each town has its own individual character and flavor. From the high-tone resorts of Kaanapali and Wailea to the health food, hippy Paia, Maui shows a different face wherever you go.

The Road to Hana. The trip to Hana is perhaps the #1 must-do on Maui. This 52-mile drive from Paia to Hana takes you through Maui's rain forest and some of the most breathtaking views on the island. The trip is not about getting there, but seeing everything along the way. Pick up a guide book or the Hana Guide audio cassette so you don't miss the best stop-offs. TIP: Stop in Paia and pick up a picnic lunch or wine and cheese and dine alfresco by a waterfall. Allow plenty of time for the trip Leave early, around 7 or 8 to have plenty of time for stops and to get back before dark... this is a road you don't want to drive at night. It is narrow and winding and for several miles hugs the cliffs 200 ft. above the ocean. The speed limit is 10 mph and in some places you may think this is excessively fast. It's about a 4-hour, one-way, drive including stops at scenic overlooks and waterfalls. You should arrive in Hana around lunchtime. If you picked up a picnic lunch when you passed through Paia in the morning, find a spot with a view. If not, the Hana Hotel has a lovely restaurant with wide ocean views and good food. Next to the Hotel is Red Sands beach, a secret local spot sometimes frequented by nude sunbathers. It's a short hike over rocky coastline and it's best to be an experienced hiker to get there.

The Seven Sacred Pools From Hana. It's another 10 miles (along much better road) to the Seven Sacred Pools in Kipahulu. These pools, one above the other, are connected by waterfalls and a stone stair allows you to climb to the top... if you're fit enough. It's fun swimming in the pools if you can take the cold mountain water. Going home leaves you with a choice: You can go back the way you came, or continue on around the back of the mountain. There is a 7-mile "bad patch" where you'll have to navigate around lava rocks, but it's shorter and at the end is the Tedeshi Winery on Uluapalakua Ranch where you can taste some local wine and take a break in your trek. You now travel through Maui's Upcountry with Kula onions and cowboys and breathtaking views of the ocean far below. Take in the flowers of Kula Botanical Gardens. A stop at the Kula Lodge for dinner is a perfect way to end your excursion.

The Road to Hana will leave you with lifelong memories. Don't miss it.

Haleakala at Sunrise. This can be another full day adventure and the views are spectacular. It's like going to the moon. The drive is about 3 hours from Kihei and 4 hours from Kaanapali side. Arrive about hour before sunrise for the full effect. The summit is at over 10,000 feet up so bring warm clothes or blankets. It's cool up there. The air is noticeably thinner at this altitude so don't overdo the exercise.

A hike on Mars. After the sun rises you might hike down into the crater and very easily imagine you're on Mars. The hike in and out of the crater is about 2 or 3 hours and you should be in good shape. Going down is easy and the way back is only tough at the switchbacks and the end. The Silversword plants and views are spectacular.

Stop off in the Old West. On the way home, take a right turn on Makawao Road just before Pukalani and visit Makawao, a town out of the old west. Behind the western facades are art galleries, shops and restaurants along the town's single street. Casanova's has fine Italian food and, around 8, dancing.

Big Beach, Little Beach. Makena's Big Beach is one of the biggest and most beautiful in the Hawaiian islands. This special beach has warm tropical water and the southern swells are fun for body surfers. Be careful, as some big swells can injure the careless. Little Beach is just over the hill where the nude bathers go... so be advised. Take along a few cold drinks and enjoy the Big Beach at Makena. TIP: It's wise to leave your valuables in your room as there are occasional car break-ins in the parking lot.

Whale Watching. Every year, from late October to mid-May, our annual visitors, the Humpback Whales, arrive to calve and delight both Maui visitors and residents alike. Although you can see the whales cavorting from shore, there's nothing like seeing them from a boat on the sea. Practically every boat on Maui offers a whale watch cruise in-season, from the luxury yacht, the Prince Kuhio, to the power rafts of Blue Water Rafting... there's no experience like meeting a whale eye to eye at water level. Whale watches last about 2 hours and are comparatively inexpensive.



Luaus. When you come to Hawaii, you MUST take in a Luau... it's practically a State law... and Maui has some of the best feasts in the islands. All luaus have three things in common... all you can eat, all you can drink and sparsely-clad dancers for your viewing pleasure. Cost runs from $60 to $100 per person.

The most famous is the Old Lahaina Luau on the West side. A new luau, produced by Old Lahaina Luau is The Feast at Lele which has private tables, table service, 5 courses featuring the favorites of Polynesia and dancers who come right up to your table. A super event! On the south side, our recommendation is the Marriott Luau in Wailea. We recommend you pick a luau nearest your hotel. After an affair featuring "all you can eat & drink" driving distance home should be considered.

Get Wet and Wild. With clear warm water all around, ocean activities are Maui's most popular. You can bathe on Maui's miles of uncrowded beaches, Surf, Windsurf, Boogie Board, Snorkel and even SCUBA Dive from the shore. There are also Deep Sea and Bottom Fishing boats for charter or share. And then there's Parasailing off Ka'anapali in the summer when the whales are away.

More ocean fun. Get away from the hotel pool and out on the ocean for some of Maui's best fun. Ride the wind on a sailing catamaran to Lanai. Dine and dance on a sunset cruise on Maui's largest yacht. Learn to surf... in just one hour, guaranteed. SCUBA night dive for a real experience to visit the exotic wildlife up close and personal.

The Lava Caves of Kanaio & the Molokini Abyss. For a real above and underwater thrill, take one of the many snorkel or dive boats out to the reefs. Perhaps Maui's most unusual water activity is the rafting/snorkeling trip to the caves of Kanaio. These lava caves and arches were formed over 200 years ago when molten lava exploded from Haleakala and poured into the sea.

Tour Maui from the air. To really absorb the scope of Maui. There are several helicopter tours that will take you for a bird's eye view. Look into the huge Haleakala crater or the resorts of Kapalua and Ka'anapali on the shore of the West Maui Mountains and or even fly to Molokini. Most operators give you a videotape of your flight, which includes your in-cabin reactions. You'll spend a minimum of about $200 for a 45 minute flight, but the memories are well worth the price.

Be a Paniolo. Maui is not all wahine in wafting grass skirts. Cattle and horse ranching has been one of Maui's prime enterprises since the old plantation days. Upcountry, Makawao is like a town from the mainland's old west. Cowboys here are called paniolos and if you'd like to be a Hawaiian cowboy, try out some of the horseback riding on the island. The best views are from the Makena Stables which ride up Haleakala's gentle southern slopes. There's plenty of running room and terrific views of La Perouse Bay and the lava fields below.

Light Up The Night. Nightlife on Maui is varied and plentiful. Not only do all of the big resorts have one or more nightspots with live entertainment, but smaller bistros in Kihei and Lahaina offer local entertainment in an intimate setting. On the south side, for example, you can dine New Orleans-style while you listen and dance to some hot jazz at Yorman's by the Sea in Menehune Shores. Near Longs Drugs, Boccalino's also offers dining and dancing and the Tradewinds poolside bar at the Maui Coast Hotel features live, local entertainers every night. Down at the Old Blue Course in Wailea, you can spend the evening at Mulligans on the Blue dining on Irish cooking and listening to the entertainment. On Sundays there's dancing to an Irish band. Learn the Irish Jig in Hawaii! For a real treat, see Maui's longest running show 'Ulalena. This vast production chronicles the history and mythology of the island in original music and dance... a must see! And, if close-up magic is your delight, visit Warren & Annabelle in Lahaina.

Planning and Booking Tips. Getting as much fun as possible into your Maui vacation requires some advance planning. For example...

Don't book a luau on a day you're playing twilight golf... luaus all begin at 5 pm and you are sure to miss the "soup course."

It's smart to plan the sunrise bike down the volcano or a sunrise trip to Haleakala for the day after you arrive. You need to start around 3-4 am to reach the summit in time to get the full effect of the stars fading away as the crater comes into view below. This early hour is more acceptable while your body is still on mainland time (3-6 hrs earlier than Hawaii).

Leave your good camera in the room and buy a disposable underwater camera for beach and boating trips.

Book your activities as far in advance as possible. The most popular get filled up fast. If you wait until you arrive the activity you want may be booked solid. Book in advance and don't miss out.

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